I Love Spaghetti

There’s a saying, “throwing spaghetti at the wall”. That pretty much sums up my strategy. I’m a creative. I’m also pretty sure I’m ADD/ADHD, etc. But that’s better than some other things I could be, so there’s that.

I often wonder if all of these social/learning/attention disorders are excuses for being able to stay on task or behave properly, but whatever. It is what it is and we’re all broken in our own way.

So, that said and acknowledged, sometimes “business models” and that sort of grown up stuff puts me into a coma. Because of that, I have MANY different strands of different sorts of pasta in various stages of doneness on my walls.

I’m going to try to make this page my colander for the spaghetti collection. You’ll find pages and links and images for a host of things I have done, am doing, might do in the future…so just click around and enjoy…all the while feeling awesome about the fact that with any given click or purchase, if you feel moved to do so, you’re throwing a few cents into the “keep Cyndi under a roof/eating people food vs cat food (though it’s not a lot cheaper)/from being naked” fund. That last one’s not very likely, but it’s a funny thought.

Thanks in advance for visiting…and reading…and clicking.